Monday, September 22, 2014

Boring Beige

I had this jacket in my closet.  I like the style and I love the buttons, but the color leaves something to be desired.

I grabbed some scrap fabric from my stash and refashioned a bit more color and variety into the scene

For a look at the whole process you're welcome to visit my blog!


Lazyfish said...

Very nice!But the link won't work :/

Athena said...

I would love to go to your blog to check it out but the link doesn't work and I can't find it from a simple google search. :(

Refashion said...

The jacket looks lovely - great details.

Debbie EOD
PS: I have emailed to see if you can reset the link. Many thanks

Give the Cat a Name said...

My apologies for the faulty link! This was my first time posting but I think I've got the kinks worked out now.