Monday, September 29, 2014

Mexican embroidery revival

Hi all,

About 10 years ago I came back from a trip to Mexico with a wonderful embroidered blouse in my backpack. But the overall fabric was so unconfortable that I never got to wear it since then.

Well, after few months of sewing I felt like an attempt of recycling this embroidered yoke so I made a new blouse (made of a sweet mix of cotton and linen) and I overstitched the yoke. Here it is :

Hope you'll like it ! You'll find all the process and many pics on my blog.
Camille / Sunday Afternoon


Refashion said...

I really like the finished blouse - it looks fab!

Debbie EOD

Clare said...

So beautiful. I love the embroidery. If I had this shirt I would wear it every day.