Monday, September 08, 2014

NikolaLuigi Refashion

Hola! It's been a while since my last post. There was a time when I posted on here daily. But I did have a backlog of refashions so that would be why. If you check out my blog you shall see why I am lacking on the refashion front (upcoming holiday preparation).

This ensemble has been causing me a headache for a while. I have posted it to as many refashion groups as I can find, for inspiration and ideas.

I wanted to use it for something, because I like the pattern, so I figured a no sew halter neck would be a fab idea!
You can check out how I did this here.

In the mean time, if any of you have any suggestions as to what I can do to permanently refashion this top, please let me know, either in the comments here, or on my blog. All suggestions welcome, and if yours is picked, I shall give a special shout-out and a link to your blog too!

Thanks refashionistas, stay happy! <3


mollie.dirig said...

I like it as a halter. Two questions: are you wearing a cami underneath; what does the back look like?

Nicola Jane said...

Hi Mollie. Yes I am wearing a black cami underneath (because otherwise there is always risk of a bit of slippage!) and the back was just the two bottom buttons done up, and the sleeves pinned as the neck, not much back to show. But if I put it on again before I refashion I shall take some photos

Refashion said...

It looks very pretty. A back view would be good! Are you going to use the rest of the fabric?


Joke Vermanen said...

It looks very nice!

RenataLaura said...

great colour on you. You could save the fabric for when you have a sewing machine, i went to fabric land in today and couldnt find any fabric I wanted to use for pattern-sewing, but I enjoy 80s prints i find in charity shops!

cfortin said...

Cute top! Your photos are fun too.

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