Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A quickie...

Just a quick refashion this time. Because I'm so busy doing other stuff....

Because we (sadly) only have one child we are left with piles of clothes she doesn't wear anymore but with so many memories!
But what to do with those funny and lovely shirts? I make pillows of them!
This shirt is one of my own old shirts. Because my elder sister was the first girl to wear it the shirt is about 30 years old!

We live near the forrest and when we take the kids for a walk they wear overalls. And we also live together with my family that contains 4 nephews so lot's of army stuff to pass on to my girl! And I wasn't a seamstress if I would not do something to make the army girly!

That's it for today, not even a new post on my blog.
See you next time.
Greetings from the Netherlands from Joke.


cfort82 said...

It is nice to find good uses for those sentimental t-shirts. Just a reminder that your post should be about a wearable item and should show a before and after photo. Thanks

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Joke Vermanen said...

A overall is a wearable item. And since the adjustment is just a patch with some velcro I didn't think about making a without picture sorry..