Friday, October 10, 2014

Eternity Scarfs from Skirts and Dresses

Skirts / Dresses for future Scarves
Eternity Scarves are fun to wear, but can be expensive. I bought these light-weight skirts and dresses at garage sales. They are all scarf candidates.
The Liz Claiborne skirt was a light-weight organza. The bonus was that it was lined in an even lighter, shear fabric of the same print. Using the skirt and lining fabric resulted in a scarf long enough to loop 3 times.
Because 1/2 of the scarf was shear, the back neck was not too bulky, even with 3 loops.

I brought one carry on to DC for 2 weeks of contract work. I see the same people everyday. The scarves I made and brought make a few basic outfits very versatile. Each time I wore this outfit, I wore a different scarf.

On the street in DC, I am seeing lots of scarves, skinny pants, leggings, and boots. The Feds are in suits and basic black.

Liz Claiborne self-lined skirt.

3-Loop Eternity Scarf


Nanna said...

nice refashion of the skirt! love the scarf!


Andrea said...

I often go through my stash when Im wanting a new infinity scarf...This one is perfect!

Andrea EOD