Thursday, October 02, 2014

LBD and two way-scarf

Although I made these two pieces as separate projects, they are actually bade from two pieces of clothing. So, here it is. I started out with a top which I really loved as it had a very flattering neckline and the dress which was quite strange.

The problem with the top was that its back has completely frayed, while the dress was shapeless and too short for me. To make the dress, the first step was to fix the top by placing the lace instead of worn-out fabric - creating a lace back, and the second step was to add the length by cutting the dress below the collar and above the ombre ruffles. Then, this part of the dress was sewn with the top, creating the dress. You can find more details of the procedure here.

The remainder of the dress consisted of two ruby red and hot pink ruffles, was turned in an infinity scarf, that can also be worn as a shrug.

I hope you enjoyed this one!

Love, Dee!


jennifer elliott said...

Nice refashion!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Cassandra Louise said...

What a good project! It looks great on you! I love the idea of the scarf. :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks :)

jenny_o said...

The lacy back is so nice on this dress; very attractive.