Friday, October 10, 2014

Suit refashion (practically no-sew)

In addition to being plus size, I often have problems with changing the size - whether I am going up or down on the scale. And this means that I have to keep different sizes of clothes - especially pants and jackets (blazers). Stretchy blouses and sweaters fit better of worse, depending on which side I am, but  in most cases they fit. Trousers and jackets are a whole different story.

I had a tailored black cotton blend suit that was made to fit me perfectly, but it was on a small side for a while now. As I was recently scouring my closet for wearable office clothes for this fall/winter I have tried on the suit to find out it fit me again - but it was worn-out, with faded colour areas and too boring to wear.

So I made refreshed it, refashioned it and made it a whole new thing I can wear to work no problemo!

Here is my before & after and the whole process you can find at this location!



1 comment:

Andrea said...

Really nice updates on this jacket...I can see this being really versatile now either for work or for an evening out :)

Andrea EOD