Monday, October 27, 2014

Think Pink

Hey look, it's another one of those unflattering, strapless, shirred dresses I always fall for and then never wear. Whatever shall I do with this one...

Pink Print Tee - Before

A super simply, no-fuss, basic tee, that's what! All I did was lose the shirred portion and sew it into a "T" shape. The extra-stretchy fabric made this project really easy!

Pink Print Tee - AfterPink Print Tee - After

For more details and photos of the whole process, click on over to CarissaKnits!

Pink Print Tee - Before & After


Give the Cat a Name said...

That print transferred over to the T-shirt style quite well. Nicely done!

Kathy W. - One Brown Mom said...

I like the before AND the after on this one. Nice job!

Unknown said...

Love it!!!

Amy Jo said...

What a fun design! I like the shirt.