Friday, November 28, 2014

BEFORE: Red Satin Formal AFTER: Flannel and Satin PJs

BEFORE: Too small red satin formal made of good washable satin. Options from a net search: 
1. Holiday top from top section.
2. Holiday skirt from skirt section.
3. PJ set: LaLaLauren Refashion Co-op Jones of New York Dress to PJ! 

Great options, but I do not need any of those items to wear at the RanchHouse this winter.

AFTER: Overized, warm, comfy pj / lounge pants. Pants are made from an old red flannel sheet from the stash. The red satin lines the pants. 
BONUS: Snack Napkins.

  • Not for the table. For coffee cups, lunch boxes, snacks around the house.
  • Odd red flannel scraps and white pillowcase fabric (100 yards in the stash). No red satin was left.
  • Rotary cut width of  ruler, stitched together, serged. 
  • Easy to put together at the end of  the project. 
  • Red thread was in the serger from the main project.

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Andrea said...

Great reuse of the gown!

Andrea EOD