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Friday, November 28, 2014

Some New Friends

Hello all !

Here is one of my latest refashions.

I am a BIG fan of the show Friends.  So when I came across this large t-shirt, I could not pass it up.

So a couple of snips and draping seams later, and it became this:

I really love it and I will be getting a lot of wear from it.

I have a lot of refashions done but I still need to organize a space to take pictures by myself.  Hopefully I can get it done soon.

Oh, and here is my newest roomie:

She is my niece's cat and I am taking care of her for the next year.  She is the sweetest cat and she has rabbit fur, so soft !  I am so happy to have another cat in the house.

Hopefully, I can post a bit faster next time !

Peace !


1 comment:

Andrea said...

So much better :) Enjoy the extra sweetie while you have her!

Andrea EOD