Thursday, November 27, 2014

Blue Infinity Scarf

New Infinity Scarf
Infinity Scarfs in the shops are pretty and tempting. Prices make them not so tempting. Skirts and dresses from the stash have become Infinity Scarf candidates.

Pre-retirement, I wore this shirt and sweater in the college classroom and office. Today, a new infinity scarf  perked them up for work in the family flower shop.

I have several scarfs planned to change the look during the season.

Skirt Before
Depending on the starter garment, each scarf I make goes together differently, resulting in a slightly different scarf.
This skirt was not very full, so had width for only two fabric lengths. Length was enough for a shorter infinity scarf. Fabrics tend to be lightweight, so surging each piece prevents ravels and strengthens seams.
Cut off the elastic band and ties.
Cut open side seams.
Sew the waist right sides together, to make center seam of the scarf.
Fold right sides together into a long tube and stitch.
Turn right sides out.
Stitch the remaining open end, right sides together, leaving a few inches open.
Hand slip stitch this opening closed.
Mary @ RanchHouse


jennifer elliott said...

I totally agree with you! I see a ton of beautiful infinity scarves at stores and I'm kind of tempted to buy one, but then I think, "Save yourself some money and make one yourself." Nice job! I love the new scarf.

jennifer elliott said...

P.S. I will post your refashion to the site's instagram account.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD