Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Knitted dress refashion

Hi everyone!!!
This is a knitted dress. The length was very awkward making my torso weird. I couldn't wear it.  See?


What I did?  I just cut off some centimeters above the waistline and relocated the two pieces. 

Now, it's empire-waisted and more wearable.
Thanks for reading!!!


Bergen County Mocha Moms said...

So cute!

RanchHouse said...

This is a great save. It looks really good styled with the boots.
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

Saga said...

What a difference it makes!

RanchHouse said...

Please check that all post labels have the label SofyMarron, with this exact spelling. This is how the system records and credits your posts. It shows 4 posts, but I think you may have more.
Mary, Editor of the Day

Michele Reynolds said...

I <3 empire waist and your dress! Cute with boots!