Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kristina's Challenge Dress

On a thrifting adventure with one of our editors and writers, Carissa, at the very end of the trip our friend Kristina challenged this dress. I took on the challenge. BTW hopefully if I can get some sewing time (!!!) there will be more information about our little shopping trip.
This dress was navy and white complete with a gold/black metal embellishment on the pointed collar all coupled with a built in peak-a-boo bodice. I used pink poly iDYE since the fabric was 100% polyester. I got a purple and fuchsia mix in the fabric. I used a pattern and converted the bottom skirt into a new long-sleeve top, something simple I could wear to work.

More pictures and information on the blog here.



RanchHouse said...

It is amazing how much fabric some of the older dresses have. The new top should be a great addition to the work wardrobe.
Thanks for sharing.
Mary @ Ranch House EOD

Carissa said...

I remember this dress! You definitely worked some magic on it!