Friday, November 07, 2014

Mocs Lose Their Fringe!

I know! What's wrong with the girl who is not totally into the fringe craze that's coming back...yet again ;). Well, not ALL fringe is bad, but in my opinion, this fringe was. It was dirty and I just wasn't feeling it. So, I cut it off! I'd still like to brainstorm on how to jazz these Minnetonka community swap mocs (read: FREE!!!) up a bit more, so feel free to share your ideas :-D Maybe some matching stitching along the newly cut edge???

To see more pics of the process and read a bit about cleaning and disinfecting thrifted/second-hand shoes, hop on over here!

Happy Refashioning!
Little Did You Know


Laurinda said...

I keep putting it off for my own pair, but I think they'd look sharp with a brightly colored floss replacing the stitching on the edge, with some kind of matching tie (maybe just dyeing it) I'm fond of fuschia with brown suede 😊

Andrea said...

Great ideas with the floss and color :) Thanks Laurinda!