Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scarves and More Scarves

We are back to the Texas RanchHouse after the entire month of October in DC. FOUR WEEKS IN DC!!! I saw scarves and more scarves. They added a pop of color or design and finished off both casual and dress-up looks.
Scarves and  more scarves moved up on my must make list.

Before I left for DC I had gotten these much too small green sweats in a thrift bag. The fabric was between a light weight sweat pant and heavy t-shirt. Options included: Add a side stripe to add needed size for lounge pants. Use as liner in a new pair of knit pj pants. But I did not need more lounge pants or pj pants.

Scarves!!! It is cold and rainy at the RanchHouse. 
I want scarves!!!

The pants fabric was perfect for a heavy and warm infinity scarf.
I used the rotary cutter and ruler to cut straight up the legs and tapered in width changes. The lower leg is wider than at the pants top. The narrow widths give less bulk around the back of the neck.
I left the pant hems and made overlapped joining seams. I wanted a bulky scarf so I left the long seams open. The wrong side of the fabric shows some and adds texture. I tacked the joining seams together to help the right-side of the fabric stay in place. The knit fabric does not ravel and rolls in on itself some.

Pant hem overlaps for a seam.
Tack in place on the scarf edge.
Unfinished edge.
This is so warm and comfortable that  I have worn it in the house all day. .


Carissa said...

That does look warm and comfortable now. Perfect for the cooler weather we've been getting in Texas lately!


Nina said...

Nice! What a clever idea...