Monday, November 03, 2014

Sweater Alteration

 I've been doing so much sewing for people at work (hemming skirts, making pillows, etc) that I'm embarrassed to have nothing interesting to post here.  All I did was remove the zipper on this baggy sweater, take it in, and make a belt out of the scraps.  I had to use plain cotton for the back side of the belt and also use the sweater tape things that covered the zipper in order to get enough.
But here are some really cool new tools I got at the sewing expo that travels around the U.S. It goes to smaller cities. First up is this "iron shoe" which is a piece of Teflon that you strap over your iron.  It enables you to put it on the hottest setting and you can iron polyester without melting it! Now I use my $10, 20-year old Walmart iron with great results (it doesn't fit over my sewing iron because of the cord reel).
Then there's this seam ripper which is really a razor blade they use in surgery.  It's really sharp and fast.

I love finding a good tool!


Elizabeth Hill said...

Don't be embarrassed! Your sweater looks great! I also like how you reused the leftover scraps to finish the belt. Isn't it great when you have no "mess" left over?

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus

Nina said...

Wow! Nice look