Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Crafty Disaster: Coat Refashion + Introduction

Hello! I am Lindsay from the Crafty Disaster. I just started my DIY blog a little over a month ago for a class I am taking at school. I am a crafter at heart and like to make anything I can. Sewing is definitely my favorite form of crafting and what better way to recycle than to refashion! I hope to share many more of my refashioning projects in the future. 

I just shared a tutorial this past week on refashioning a coat into the perfect mad-hatter's costume. It consisted of a dye job, some iron-on patches, and some light sewing. 

Before and after.

Paired with a plaid shirt and a scarf.

There are more pictures and a step by step tutorial at the Crafty Disaster.


Carissa said...

Welcome aboard, Lindsay! You made a great costume piece, but it's still totally wearable for everyday too. I like the new color much better, and I love the thread spool bandolier. So cool!


Lindsay Scalco said...

Hello! Thank you Carissa for checking it out. The spools were everyone's favorite at the Alice in Wonderland party we went to!