Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ultra Hideous Ultrasuede: REHASHED

Hello, I am getting sort of behind in my posting here and on the blog so I decided to show you 2 of my recent refashions today in an effort to get caught up!

These 2 dresses both came from the same estate as the pink one I did awhile ago, the one with the cute little lace collar. If you would like to see more details on these refashions and other vintage refashions, please visit my blog at www.lovestreetsalvage.com, or follow me on Instagram!



cfortin said...

Nice refashions I really like orange one. The trim down the front is a nice addition. Cute boots too.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Ninutschka Karenska said...

I love your refashions, too! I am not much into collars, but yours are matching perfectly. I like the colors, the length and how you wear both dresses.
Hope to see more like this!

*your new instagram follower :D

Love Street Salvage said...

Thanks guys, I'm glad you like them and thanks for following! ☺

ChiChi Loves said...

Love how you made both dresses so much more modern. They fit you perfectly!