Monday, December 01, 2014

Another cardigan - third life of a dull sweater

For a while now I have liked open front sweaters, and I thought they are really fun and cool, but I just didn't have that one that would work perfectly for the open front sweater refashion. Once I stumbled upon this tutorial I knew I was going to make it - the open front sweater from men's sweater!

I have tweaked the tutorial and tried a wild pinterest idea to use strips of paper napkins to make sewing knits easier. As I work an old sewing machine which is great for heavy fabrics, but less then great for sewing knits this tip came to me like a gift from the sky. Sewing knits with paper napkins is totally manageable. Unlike sewing them without it.

I hope you like this refashion and should you care for some details on the tweaks I made, please check out the Curvy Girl.

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Refashion said...

The cardigan looks much better than the sweater! The sewing knits tip is interesting...I am going to check it out

Debbie EOD