Sunday, December 28, 2014

Shorten Sleeves on New Over-sized Travel Jacket

After Short Sleeves
Cozumel, NOT the RanchHouse
Trip: Break from Texas RanchHouse December weather.

Packing Plan: 
  • Lots of refashion.
  • To get travel jackets large enough for layering, I bought men's XXL tall and shortened the sleeves. It was very cold when we got back to Texas on Saturday.
Before sleeves.
  • Lining and sleeve fabric basted together to stay in place.
  • Bands cut off and saved for project stash.
  • Serge sleeve ends and turn to form elastic casing.
  • Insert wide width elastic.

Before: Bands removed

After: Elastic added.


Andrea said...

Great work on that jacket!!!

Andrea EOD

RanchHouse said...

Thanks, Andrea.
The Eddie Bauer store in DC thought I was odd to intentionally buy something knowing it needed work. Such an easy fix to get just what I needed.