Thursday, December 04, 2014

Skirt to Blue with Black Infinity

New Infinity
Infinity scarves are on my must make list.
I have made several blue scarves and each has its own personality.
Wearing different scarves gives me the chance to turn older items
in the closet into new outfits.

TIPS Garments for Scarf Fabrics:
Full skirts and dresses with few seams.
Best skirts/dresses are full with only side seams.
Best dresses have a full front and back panel with no waist band.

TIPS Fabrics to Consider:
Too much print / color / shine / glitz to take as a whole garment.
Delicate fabrics that do not wear well as whole garments.

Black print in gray/turquoise.
Old Skirt Before


Nanna said...

great save on the older cloths,love the infinity scarf


jennifer elliott said...

Great save! When I don't have a clear vision for a clothing item, my go-to refashion is an infinity scarf.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD