Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tie bleached jeans

When I came across photos of tie bleached jeans, I immediately knew I was going to try to make a pair myself. I found a number of tutorials online, and all of them were consisted of the same instructions.
All they entailed was rubber-band 'estrangulation' of jeans and some patience towards bleaching them. As far as I am concerned, I felt like every tutorial I came across was fine, so all it takes is to google the term 'tie bleach jeans tutorial' and you will have some decent instructions to get a unique pair of jeans.

I had a pair of dark grey jeans which were pretty worn out and I made some effort to make the necessary fixes before I proceeded with tie-bleach routine.

If you liked this project and would like to attempt it yourself, check out the Curvy Girl's Refashions post for some tips on getting the best out of your old jeans and this method!


IWOM said...

Can I just add: do this sort of thing either outside or in a well ventilated space?

(Long story...)

Nice job!


jennifer elliott said...

Look for your refashion on Instagram!