Thursday, January 22, 2015

A small refashion project - make yourself some legwarmers!

As the winter continues its way through this January, and I caught a cold, I felt like being warm - so I made myself some legwarmers!

From a couple of sleeves leftover from one of the previous refashions I made a pair of cosy legwarmers.

For this particular refashion, I pride myself for some serious salvaging as these were a leftover from another refashion, and for that matter, they were rather hole-y. Yes. I believe this project to be the proper demonstration of using something that is no longer any good. Trash in one word. So please proceed to the Curvy Girl's Refashions for some magic and transforming trash to fash!


1 comment:

jennifer elliott said...

We're on the same page! I love turning sleeves into legwarmers or boot socks. Great job.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD