Friday, January 30, 2015

Easy Peasy Shirt Dress!

Hello friends!  I've got a simple refashion for you today that I think you'll love and everyone can do! All you need is an over sized men's button up shirt. Like this one...

No, I'm way too excited. It's time to get serious.

This is a super simple refashion, it only takes three seams!  Turn the shirt inside out and lay a dress (or tunic in my case) on top of the shirt.  Outline the dress in chalk onto the shirt and sew your new seams along the chalk outline.  All you need is one seam from the end of each sleeve to the arm pit and down the sides plus a hem to correct the length!  I think this is a classic and who doesn't love a good shirt dress?  Plus they are plentiful in thrift stores so it should be easy to find one on the cheap!  Here's mine!

If you want a tutorial head over to my blog and check out the step by step (with pictures)!  It's a cinch and this only took me about 30 minutes to do!  Happy sewing!

Shawn Elizabeth


Nanna said...

that turned out great! I may have to try that!with me being shorter it would probably be longer which is a good thing lol!


Shawn Elizabeth said...

It helps being vertically challenged. ;) I'm 5'1" and the shirt was a men's 2xl.

Lovenicky said...

Gorgeous. It looks great on you!

jenny_o said...

Looks so good on you - and a good clear tutorial, thanks!

Andrea said...

Love a good shirt dress! Lovely color as well :) Thanks for sharing this and the tutorial!

Andrea EOD