Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Flowers on Flowers on Flowers.

'Ello beautiful people!  How are you today? Do you want a laugh? Yeah? Okay check out this outfit and try to keep a straight face:

Wait, it gets better.  This lovely homemade outfit(yep, someone chose this fabric, cut a pattern and sewed it themselves) comes with TWO pairs of shorts. BAM!

You know, in case you happen to spill some coffee on your shorts on Monday and really want to double up on this outfit during the week you've got a spare pair!  How handy.  This creation (which I snagged for $0.50 at the local Salvation Army) got a couple hours of soaking in a dye bath to subdue the in your face flower pattern.  I brought the neckline out, made the sleeves and bodice a few inches smaller, and voila!  I love when something simple like dyeing a piece can make it 100 times more wearable.  

I paired it with a navy pleated skirt I picked up, but had never had the chance to wear and wore it for a fun night out! I'm still not sure what to do with those shorts, I'm thinking a flouncy skirt in the spring?  Any ideas?  If you want to check out the full story head over to my original post!  I hope you have a fabulous day!  

Shawn Elizabeth


Saga said...

Nope, couldn't keep at straight face ;-)
Lovely refashion.

jennifer elliott said...

I would totally create a super cute skirt with a pair of the shorts. Would be support cute in spring and summer.

jennifer elliott said...

Look for your awesome refashion on Refashion Co-op's Instagram account!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Therese said...

The top looks lovely! Maybe make a long flouncy skirt and dye it the same color. Looks much better than the original, and who would wear shorts like that.....someone very daring!