Sunday, January 04, 2015

Heavy Gauze Shawl from Brown Dress

After: Travel Shawl
Before Dress

Before: Dress
 Before: Heavy gauze dress.

Options: Make into a summer weight skirt.

After: Heavy gauze multi-season scarf / shawl.
For now, it will work with black and brown winter jackets. Summer, it will be a good pool wrap.

Tips:  The dress skirt fabric was long. I did not cut the fabric in half across the stripes. I folded double the skirt fabric making a heavy gauze scarf / shawl.
It was not an extra full skirt so it is an not overly long scarf.

BONUS: Coffee mugs, snack napkins.
Backed with white cotton stash fabric.


Carissa said...

The fabric looks much better as a scarf, I think. And I like the bonus coaster/napkins!


Angela Flickema said...

Nice jog, and great way to think outside of the box. Next time I see a wonderful fabric as an awful dress, I'll remember your great refashion.