Sunday, January 04, 2015

Quick "Pinspired" Refashion

Just a simple refashion today but one inspired by a pin I found on Pinterest (see here). It is a pretty basic white tank with straps closer to the neck, is loose-fitting and not overly long, just hits the hips. But I don't have basic white tank tops, so I immediately saw this as an option to fill that hole.

My sis-in-law donates her old clothes to me to refashion (or donate), so I grabbed this white top and got to removing the collar and trim.

A few more snips, a little taking in and finishing off, and I've got a brand new top! Free of charge ;). If you'd like to see more of the process, take a look! Oh, and there's a bonus outfit breakdown of one of my favorite thrifted, vintage, homemade pieces, so make sure to hop on over to my blog.

Here's the before and after shot:

Very basic, simple, clean. I like it. Nothing better for a rainy Sunday than a little bit of refashioning to start my day!

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Carissa said...

I love the low neckline in the back. Super cute! And the price, of course - can't beat free!


mollie.dirig said...

You're so cute and talented! I love that you totally made it your own and for free! It looks like it could be reversible, too.. Although for modesty sake, with a panel to cover some of the V.. Thoughts? I'm pinning this, for sure!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Andrea said...

Oh, I will have to try it on the other way around now to see, mollie.dirig! Great idea :) And yes, ladies, free is always best!