Friday, January 02, 2015

Island Infinity Scarf from Gauze Skirt

After Island Infinity

I was sitting in the shade in Belize.
A lady asked, "Which shop has those
Infinity Scarves?"
I smiled, "Refashioned from a skirt."
After Wrap

Trip: Belize

Packing Goal: Refashion from the stash.

Before: Fabric from a gauze skirt in the stash.

After: Island Infinity Gauze Scarf    Wear doubled for regular infinity. Or as a shawl, cover up.

Steps: This is a thin gauze and a very long fabric piece.Process and product varies depending on the type / amount of fabric in each skirt.  This is a very forgiving process. 

  • Cut off and discard the waist-band. Leave all side seams for infinity.
  • Serge all edges.  
  • Turn under and stitch 1/4" all edges. Turn under again and stitch 1/2" all edges.  


jenny_o said...

What an awesome story about the scarf :) It really is beautiful.

Andrea said...

Don't you just love when they ask where you bought it? Great job and lovely scarf!

Andrea EOD