Friday, January 02, 2015

The Long Green Dress to Short Ruffle Dress

I found this really soft, green velvety dress and loved the material.

I am not really into long dresses so I decided to cut the length and then use the remaining material to make it into a ruffled skirt.

You can check out my step by step process here !

Happy Sewing!




Bailey Mills said...

The original dress screams "90's middle-school teacher" to me. The final result is super cute! Nobody would ever be able to guess that it started out so big & frumpy. :)

Gingham Ginger said...

Wow. Great Job!

RanchHouse said...

This fits your style now. Cute, cute, cute!

Andrea said...

Your refashions are so incredibly cute! I love this transformation :)

Andrea EOD

Carlin said...

"Thanks for sharing this article about long green dress,i think green also is a good color for women who are 40 years will make you look more you think so ?