Friday, January 02, 2015

1 Year Blogiversary

To celebrate my first year on my blog, I decided to tackle a couple of simple refashions to create a comfortable and stylish outfit for today. I pulled out this top (free at a community swap) and the sweater below ($2 at the thrift store).

As you can see, this sweater is made of silk and cashmere, so I had to make it something I'd wear.

After a few chops, and a little sewing, I transformed the shirt into a scarf, and the sweater into one with slimmer, shorter sleeves and a pair of matching boot cuffs! Come check out the entire process on Little Did You Know along with info for a giveaway.

Happy Refashioning!


RanchHouse said...

Andrea, Congrats on the one year.
Love how you took these two items and made them fit your own style.
Mary @ RanchHouse

Andrea said...

Thank you Mary!

Amy Jo said...

When I saw that shirt, I was wondering what you would do with it! I didn't see a lot of potiential, but it looks really great as a scarf!