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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Tan Shawl Fringe Removed.

After Shawl
Before: Tired Fringe
Sometimes just a little change is needed to bring back an old favorite.

Before:  Fringe on my Coldwater Creek Shawl was tired.

After: The fringe was easily sniped away. The rumples from storage will hang out in a few days.

Refashion Journal
Thanks to everyone who shared refashions this year. I have learned from you and have been motivated by you.

Problem: I have a very large stash of RTW, thrift, fabric.

Personal Pledge: No RTW, no thrift, no fabric for 2015.

Goal: Continue a project started last June. Complete / journal 365 refashions / repairs. Weekly mending as simple as a hole in a t-shirt counts. Most of my refashion / repairs are not Refashion Co-op worthy.

Plan: Keep a Refashion / Repair Journal and Calendar using Stylebook. Document even the smallest refashion / repair.

Did any of you set Refashion goals last year or for 2015?

1 comment:

Elizabeth Hill said...

Much nicer without the fringe!

And I like the goals for 2015! Mind if I steal a few for myself? ;)

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus