Monday, January 26, 2015

Newbie here

Hi there.  Super excited to be a contributor to refashion co-op!  I find you all so inspiring.

I am pretty new to refashioning. I started totally by accident as I'm sure most do. I was frustrated by fabric prices and went looking for alternative fabrics for an occasion dress from my daughter. Found some very fun things at a thrift store including a sweater that just needed some tailoring to be really cute... and so it began. Refashioning appeals to my desires to be different, creative, thrifty and environmentally conscious. So hooked!

I try my best to post my creations to but sometimes they only make it to Instagram. Here are a few from this week. Sometimes the stars align and my machine and I have lots of quality time!

When 2 (large) Blazers become one.

The blazer needed pants to complete the outfit!

And one for my youngest :)

When I'm not sewing I'm busy being a mom to two beautiful, busy, and fun little girls, a wife to my sweet husband Dave and/or busy with my big girl job(s).

Until next time, and thanks for having me!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashlee,

welcome on board. Nice to have you here! I know your blog and I love to see what you'll show us next. :)


Refashion said...

We are happy to have you as a contributor. I love the idea of a new blazer from two large ones. :)

Debbie EOD