Monday, January 26, 2015

Skirt to T-Shirt Dress Refashion >>> The Crafty Disaster

Although its still January, spring is just around the corner. I refashioned this floral skirt into the perfect t-shirt dress. It took less than an hour and my seam ripper and my sewing machine! It is a really simple tutorial you can find here.

Before: Skirt

After: T-Shirt Dress

To see all the details and more photos on how I refashioned this check out the Crafty Disaster



Rachel Kerstetter said...

Awesome refashion!

Nanna said...

that is a fantastic refashion!


Refashion said...

The dress is great. Truly a vast improvement!

Debbie EOD

Therese said...

Looks lovely, well done!

Amy Jo said...

Good job sewing up a proper collar and sleeves! Do you have any professional sewing experience or taken a garment sewing class? I always fudge around wtih those things (and it bugs me!)

Lindsay Scalco said...

Thanks everyone! :)

I have not taken any sewing classes Amy Jo, but I just finished an "easy" sewing pattern I got, and that is how the instructions finished the neckline so I replicated that for this refashion. Learning slowly!!!