Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tone Down the Stripes Shirt

After: Fewer stripes

After: Gathered Cuff 
After: Casual shirt ready for spring / summer. Can wear open with cami.

Before: Never worn shirt in larger size.
Too many stripes in too many directions.

Steps: Removed collar.
Removed bias stripe from front seams.
Gathered cuff with thin elastic.
Narrow seam in top of sleeve/ shoulder.
Left shirt full for comfort.

After: Elastic inside to gather cuff

After: Collar removed

After: Cuff gathered

Before:  Bias stripe trim
stitched on top of  seam.

Before: Collar. Cuff too large.
Too many stripes/ too many directions.

BONUS: Coffee mat. Made from pieced collar and bias trim.
Backed with white fabric from the stash  .


RenataLaura said...

You also made it pretty, I love the sleeves. So thrifty you get more than clothes out of the garments too

nanasknoll said...

It looks really nice. I do not like collars, so this gives me some ideas for some thrift store buying.

jennifer elliott said...

Nice job! I love that color of green. Not too bright but not too dark.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD