Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yellow Linen Tunic from Over-sized shirt

After: Linen tunic
Before: Over-sized / Old lace
The main garment fabric in a refashion garment may still be in good shape. Trim may be worn or shrunken. 


  • Several sizes too large, thin yellow linen.
  • Lace had shrunk pulling fabric out of line


  • Lace removed from neckline.
  • Six inches cut from hem /sleeves.
  • Small seam taken on sleeve cap.
  • Wrinkles come back quickly.
  • This makes a good summer casual shirt.

Before: Oversized Tunic
Before: Lace had shrunk

Bonus: Napkins
BONUS: Coffee mugs, snack napkins. Backed with white cotton stash fabric. 


jenny_o said...

Proportion is such a big part of a good fit. Not big changes, but a big difference.

I love that you use up your ends right away, making mug mats and napkins.

cfortin said...

Nice refashion and always great two find uses for the extra pieces.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab