Thursday, February 12, 2015

sweater refashion

Hello again!

Heading off to work today in on of my sweater refashions, so I thought I would share.  I turned this very odd, large, flutter wing sweater in to a cute sweater dress I have gotten a lot of use out of.

Here is the original post but basically:



So much better:

Have a great day!!


jennifer elliott said...

I love the addition of the black pockets. Nice touch. Did you keep the back with the tie the same? Great refashion.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

jennifer elliott said...

P.S. For future posts, don't forget to add "whyknotmom" in the label area (above the date/time section) because the label keeps track of all your refashions on the site. When a reader clicks on the label - whyknotmom - they're taken to a page that shows all your refashions! :) Thanks so much!


Whyknotmom said...

Thanks Jennifer, sorry I wasn't paying attention to the comments! I left the tie as is.. but I do intent to change it to a simple black ribbon if I come across one in the right size when thrifting. And thank you for the info on posting!