Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Long Formal To Mini Mod Dress!

This is another formal dress I got from my mom that is just too big and not my style. I loved the neckline and the low back however, so I though if I brought it in on the sides and shortened it I might have a winner!

This was another fairly easy refashion. I took in the sides and cut off a lot of the length and hemmed it up and I was set! To see more images and hear more about the process check out my blog post here!


jennifer elliott said...

I love your mom! Giving you free clothes to refashion. Plus, I love the red shoes! Nice job.

KL said...

Super, super cute!

Lolo said...

Thanks Jennifer and KL! My mom is rad I have a huge pile to refashion thanks to her!

RanchHouse said...

I can only imagine your friends on love with this dress. And off to raid their moms closets.
Mary @ Ranch House EOD