Friday, February 06, 2015

Mumu To Summer Top!

So I look like Im wearing a tablecloth or curtains but I love cute fruity prints so I needed to save this mumu!

Kitchen curtains?

So I took in the sides and chopped off the excess fabric. Then I chopped off half the length and hemmed the bottom. I saved the strip at the bottom to make into a sash. Luckily I didn't need to add a zipper because I could still get in and out of it! You can see more images and a better description here  in my blog entry about this refashion.

Here is how it turned out:


Andrea said...

Such a cute top now. I love the flare out at the hip :) And I just want it to be summer looking at this top, so it better hurry here ;)

Andrea EOD

jennifer elliott said...

I love muumuu refashions! So much material so many ideas! Nice save.

Lolo said...

Thanks guys! I love mumu refashions too- so many options!