Monday, February 09, 2015

My Favorite Tshirt To My Favorite Tank Top!

I have this tshirt from H&M that I just love. I have had it a long time and one hot sweaty summer day I wore it to do the gardening. Afterward I left it in the dirty laundry for too long. So it got the dreaded awful nasty..... pit stains! I hate to even talk about it! I was so sad. They were barely noticeable so I thought maybe dying it would cover them up. I didn't realize at the time that that was a bad idea because the dye takes differently to the salty stains than the rest of the fabric. Here is what Im dealing with now:

GROSS!!! I won't even wear this for a before picture.

I turned it inside out, cut off the sleeves and pinned from the top of the stain down past the bottom of the stain to where the side seams are like so:

I sewed a new seam and cut off the excess fabric. Now I have a tank top with no stains! To see more pictures of the process and a better description check out my blog entry here


Carissa said...

Nice save! I love the horse print, and it would've been a shame to toss it.


Lolo said...

Thanks Carissa! I agree- I couldn't let it go!