Sunday, February 01, 2015

Refashion In Red

So yesterday I posted a refashion I did with a formal dress my mom gave me. Its made of polyester and spandex and she gave me one in black and one in red. Here is what the black looked like before:

Well today Im posting the refashion of the red version. I did pretty much the same thing- I took in the sides an inch and cut the dress off close to half way up and hemmed it. It makes a cute little pin-up top. When I refashioned the black one I accidentally cut the zipper off when I shortened it. So with the red dress I made it a little bit longer so as not to have to fix the zipper this time!

Here is how it turned out:

For more details about the process and too see more images you can check out my blog page for this refashion here!

Have a great day!



jennifer elliott said...

The halter refashion is super sexy! Very nice.

P.S. Just use lolo in the label area. At the end of the month, an editor will add tags for a wider search.

Amy Jo said...

I like this one too! Which color will you wear more frequently, do you think?

Carissa said...

Oh man! I liked the black one, but I *love* this red one. The color and length are just perfect!


Lolo said...

Thanks Jennifer! And for letting me know I was unsure about my name tag!

Thanks Carissa- I love the length of the red one but I feel more comfortable in black. My hubby likes the black better too. I think I will gift the red one to a friend!

Amy Jo- I think Im keeping the black and gifting the red. I like the less attention grabbing black color even though I love the length of the red ones tad more.