Sunday, March 08, 2015

Kimonoesque To Awesome Dress

I found this sorta-kimono-looking dress at a thrift shop and fell in love with the print. It was way too big and the sleeves were super long and wide. No worries I can totally fix that!

Not impressed and not awake!

I chopped the sleeves and took both sides in about two inches.

I didn't get many images of the process because I got so involved in my sewing. Ooops!

I didn't shorten the dress. I love the way it turned out- its my new favorite refashion!

Soon I shall break out my work camera (the real thing) to take pictures with because my phone cam just isn't cutting it. At that point I will take a new photo and update my blog for this refashion here.


Carissa said...

Very cute! Those wide sleeves were just weird, but I love how this dress turned out. Great job!


Riechan said...

Love how it turned out!

Lolo said...

Thanks! I know those sleeves were just not doing it for me! Im glad you like the outcome!

Erica Moody said...

I saw the "before" picture and thought the dress looked fine like that. Then I saw your "after" picture and wow, that looks much better! Great job!

Gingham Ginger said...


Gingham Ginger said...


Love Street Salvage said...

Love this!!