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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Lined Flannel PJ Pants: First Try - Second Try

After Second Try: Made two pair of these larger PJs 
from flannel sheets.
Lined them with the First Try Lined PJs.
First Try: In December I refashioned a pair of knit PJ pants and a satin formal into a pair of lined PJ pants. Warm, but tight and not comfy to sleep in. I took these tight PJs apart.

Second Try: I made two warm, loose fitting, VERY comfy PJ pants. 
Both were made from my worn soft flannel sheet.
I lined them with the too small First Try  lined PJs. 
One flannel sheet pant was lined with the original knit PJs and the other lined with the satin dress fabric. 
I patched lining sides to enlarge them for the larger PJs..

Before: First Try:
Too Tight: Took them apart to line new PJs.

BONUS: While the sewing machine and serger were threaded, I made snack napkins from the flannel sheets scraps.
I backed these with white pillowcase fabric from the stash and ran the sewing machine and serger around the edges. 
Not fancy, but functional.


jennifer elliott said...

Fantastic job! I love cozy pj pants.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Anielska Aniela... said...

that's really cool