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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Weird Black Sweater Refashion

I have had this sweater for years. I never quite understood what the neck was trying to be.

Is it a hood?
Is it the weirdest, widest turtleneck ever?
Is it a bulky cowl neck?
I finally got tired of trying to figure out how to deal with the neck, especially as it was getting stretched out and even more difficult to deal with. 

So I took out my trusty scissors, chopped it off and ended up with 2 useful garments, instead of 1 that was relegated to the back of my closet.

The weird neckline is now an asymmetrical V-neck, embellished with a green vintage button. 

The part I removed got turned into a fabulous winter hat for my daughter!


Shawn Elizabeth said...

I love the use of the turtleneck as a hat! Also the new neckline is great! :)

jenny_o said...

Impressive job! I like that asymmetrical neckline especially well.

Valerie said...

Cool transformation of the cowl neck into a hat! I shy away from cowl sweaters because I don't like the way they look on me, but now I know what to do with one if ever I acquire one!

RanchHouse said...

Thanks for sharing with us. Great conversion.
Mary @ Ranch House EOD

Kathy W. said...

This is such a good idea!