Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easy Update for a Sweater Dress

Sorry for missing last month. Way too many things going on in my world. All good but they just wore me out big time. I promise to do a better job.

While I don't look great in sweater dresses, I find them all the time at the thrift store and love to find ways to make them look fun again.
I have an Accucut craft die cutting machine. I use it all the time to update garments with fun shapes like flowers and birds. I also find a fun looking skirt or dress for the bottom.

So to make this easy, just cut off about 5 inches off the bottom of the sweater dress. Cut about 6" off the bottom of the skirt; One inch extra for tucking under the sweater bottom for a seam allowance.

Iron some wonder-under to some of the dress fabric and cut out a flower shape or anything that suits your fancy. Sew the skirt bottom to the bottom of the sweater dress with a zigzag or if your sewing machine has any; fun embroidery stitches.
As for the appliqued flowers, I drop the feed dogs, use my darning foot and messy free-form stitch them on.
 The dress above was a little narrow so I added inserts to the sides. Cut up the seam and insert fabric to widen it a bit. Then sew the bottom ruffle.

This one I just added a colorful belt along with the bottom ruffle.

Or you can just cut off the bottom of the sweater dress, cut off the bottom of the dress and sew those together. I cut off the bottom of the sweater dress and added it to the bottom of the dress hem.

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Carissa said...

All lovely! I really like the second one with the color ruffle and belt. Very cute!


Valerie said...

Neat ideas!

Jannie said...

LOVE the first one!!!!