Sunday, April 05, 2015

Pants-to-shorts conversion (with glue!)



I ruined a pair of pants this past New Year's Eve by stumbling over a curb on the street (and this was before the drinking had even started!) and landing on my knee.

Rather than giving the pants up for lost, I took the opportunity to fill a hole in my wardrobe by turning them into a pair of shorts.

Because the pockets were so odd and long, I ended up cutting the shorts into a pretty funky shape and gluing down some of the hems.

Read about how that went (and the inevitable oopsie, plus my struggles with pinking shears) on my blog!


Carissa said...

Oh, I *love* these! The angle of the pockets is such an unusual detail. Great job!


Saga said...

What a nice, funky detail.
(and I wonder where I can refashion myself a pair of legs like yours ;-) ).