Wednesday, April 29, 2015

REFASHION: a new chevron skirt

I picked up this pretty little shirt for $4 on clearance, knowing it would never look good on me as a shirt. I knew I could easily refashion the shirt into a beautiful skirt. I used the shirt's sleeves to create a casing for the waistband. And voila! Another new skirt to add to my ever-growing collection of skirts. How many skirts is too many?


For more pictures and details, click here.

Jennifer Elliott


Nanna said...

that's a great idea using the sleeves for the band, which allows for a little more length


g.satansbraten said...

" too many?"

;-) :-D .... 366 - b'cause the ones waiting for their laundry turn might spoil the New Years Day when starting to count from 'the wrong day'
Ouch - yet I can understand the 'flying shoe' for my cheeky comment.

Offer for peace: brilliant idea - yet for my own use I'd need a size of top with quite some 'XXXX' in ( :-O I might have drunk too many of those 'X' in our 'liquid version' here !)

LG, Gerlinde

RanchHouse said...

Skirts are like earrings, never too many. Or like shoes, or like....
Thanks for sharing.
Mary @ RanchHouse Editor of the Day EOD