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Monday, May 11, 2015

Infinite Possibilities; take 1

I believe that they called this item an infinity scarf because its maker chose to use an infinite amount of fabric.
Really. That's a scarf.
I really wanted to make this one of those kaftan dresses, or maybe a kimono. If neither of those worked, I could make it a shirt, a skirt, or change it back to a scarf. Infinite possibilities!
In theory, my kaftan thing (which is a lot like a big sack that you wear) worked just fine. What I didn't really consider was the clinginess of the material and how it would interact with a slip, seeing as it's sheer.
Looks pretty nice...until I start moving. It just doesn't hang right and it's pretty bunched in the back where the belt is trying to cinch my waist. I took a couple staged pictures, all the while knowing that this will just not do.
I'm considering taking it in or elasticizing the waist. I could try other slip options. I could also see how it works when hemmed up short and worn as a tunic.
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Marisa Glied said...

This is amazing!!!!

Erica Moody said...

It is?! Well then, I better find a solution so I can wear it!

cfortin said...

I think it is lovely. Hope you can figure out the clingy problem.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Maribel Arroyo said...

Yeah it actually is cute!!! :) nice Refashion!!