Thursday, June 04, 2015

Plain Tee No More!

Yay, my first post on this blog, and I am so excited! I didn't know what to include as my first post, so I randomly picked! It all started out as a plain lace tee and some plaid fabric. I just couldn't stand how detail-less and plain the tee was LOL. :)

I made a bow, because who doesn't love a good bow or two??? :D 

Finally, I sewed a high-low hem to the plain lace tee! Plain no more!

For more pictures & the full tutorial, head on over to Sew Much Love, Mary
This tutorial can work with any t-shirt you want to spice up!

With Sew Much Love, Mary :)


jennifer elliott said...

Welcome to the Refashion Co-op! I applaud your bravery with mixing lace and plaid! You definitely made the refashion work really well! Great job.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Nelli L said...

Look so cute :)

Lola Nova said...

That's amazing, so simple yet very effective, the bow really brings it all together!

Mary Gutierrez said...

Thank you everyone, I really appreciate your comments! :)