Monday, July 06, 2015

How can packet of dye and a button save a jacket?

My husband hates two things: throwing away clothes (no matter how worn out they are) and going shopping. Taking this in consideration, I find myself doing some refashions for him as well, although the rejects posing for me.

The most recent save I made was his denim jacket. It was quite dated, faded and missing a button.

So I got a packet of navy blue dye, some salt and proceeded with high temperature machine dying process. Once it was coloured, washed and dyed I had to find the replacement for a missing button:

Although I couldn't find one that was exactly the same, I managed to find one of similar golden hue that was the same size, and that was all that was to be done!

Measuring the success of a refashion by how often it is worn, I'd say this is one of my best works so far, although not as good as this cardigan which I was wearing for the most part of the winter. However, it sure is a runner up! Do you refashion your husband's clothes? Any ideas?



The Enchanted Forest said...

Great work! I do a fair bit of mending and such for my partner and am trying to teach him to come to me to fix stuff before discarding it (he's learning!) I'm hoping to do some more involved projects for him soon such as dying fading tshirts and altering clothes that are the wrong size. He's not very patient with standing still and trying things on though so not sure how it will go! You've inspired me to try some dye experiments for him soon though so thankyou! xx

Refashion said...

The jacket looks so much better.

Debbie EOD

Dejana Dee GV said...

Thanks for sharing :)

I am really happy when I manage to make a refashion my husband enjoys wearing. And that is a challenge!

jenny_o said...

The jacket looks brand new - great upgrade!