Friday, July 10, 2015

New Contributor Introduction & Polka Dot Dress


My name is Heather Whatton and I am excited to be a new contributor and a part of this community! I started to remake dresses a few months ago and I have been loving it. One of the reasons I started to refashion clothing is because I have a petite frame and it is often difficult to find clothing that fits me properly. I had been wanting to learn to sew in general so I thought that working on thrifted clothing would be a good place to begin. Plus: rumaging through Goodwill/Antique stores is one of my favorite activities these days and I love to see an old dress be revived. It makes me happy to find a community that shares the same interests and I look forward to getting to know everyone better.

Blog: (click on the TEXTILE tab for refashions)
Facebook: Forest Design House (I also post a lot of floral pictures so I hope you like flowers)

This was my first refashion!



1. I removed the shoulder pads, sleeves and the collar with a seam ripper.
2. The waist line was too low on me so I took 2 inches off the top of the dress to raise the bust line and waist line.
3. Made a deeper v-neck in front and neckline around the back to compensate for step 2 (by cutting two inches off the top - it raised the whole dress and the neck line so that my neck was needing a little more breathing room)
4. Brought in the sides around the torso for a slimmer fit
5. Hemmed the dress to just above the knee 
6. Cleaned up the seams along the way

Waist Selfie:

Have a beautiful weekend!


Valerie said...

Hi Heather! Love the more modern look of your first refashion!

Heather Whatton said...

Hello Valerie! Thank you!

jennifer elliott said...

Welcome! I'm a sucker for anything with dots. Great pick and great refashion!

Andrea said...

Welcome! Great first refashion! I love the polka dots and the classic black and white, plus the after is now sweet and modern :) Thanks for joining us!

Andrea EOD

jenny_o said...

Great changes and good, clear instructions - thank you!

Heather Whatton said...

Thank you all!